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“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” – C.G. Jung



Gentlemen –

Simply stated: I’m glad you’ve taken a moment to check out my new site.

As a body-worker, escort, and sex coach, my first intention is to establish a human connection. From there, it is my priority that your needs are met – whether you are focused on primitive pleasure or holistic healing.

I promise to accept and desire you for the man you are, and that you’ll walk away uplifted and validated. I thrive on this, and I love what I do. You’ll feel this freely and fully during our time together.

In exploring this site, I hope you get a better idea of what I offer while tapping into your own passion. If you are up for a journey, I am sure you’ll find that I’m up for going on it with you…



Whether you’re seeking pleasure or healing, I guarantee an experience rooted in respect, which endorses our freedoms as men who love men. My goal is for you to have an exceptional experience and to leave feeling personally uplifted and validated.

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ADAM’S WISHLIST – I’m grateful for gifts, and I don’t object to being spoiled!



Simply put: I’m a multi-faceted man.

Sure, I’m young and well-proportioned – but I value myself mostly for being gifted and well-rounded.

Whether you are looking for a restorative bodywork session on my massage table, a hot romp on my kitchen counter – perhaps even a memorable longer-lasting moment in time with an engaging companion you can wake up to spoon with - or sex coaching and counseling with a highly educated and experienced professional invested in your growth… I hope the following pages will give you a proper glimpse into who I am and how I arrived at this juncture in the journey.

Ultimately, I hope you will find that I am a dedicated professional who will find the right combination of services to satisfy your deepest desires in the most personal manner possible.

Biography, Stats, Skills, Curriculum Vitae, and Other Notes.

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Simply noted: You’re a multi-faceted man too.

Fine, maybe you haven’t experienced the pleasures of being touched by a naked man before – or maybe you cannot get enough of having an attractive guy look up at you while taking the whole of you. Perhaps it’s merely more convenient to arrange for an educated and well-traveled gent to accompany you on your travels. It could even be time to learn a new set of skills, or resolve some old issues, hands on, with someone trained in the social services. Wherever you are in your life, and whatever you’re seeking, if you’re interested in me I am sure you’re also gifted and well-rounded. You just want to be re-inspired.

I attract a wide range of men, but most are seeking a deep connection and catalyst for creative change in their lives. You could be an undergraduate student seeking to explore your sexuality with a more seasoned and experienced guy, a man in his middle years coming to terms with something previously neglected, or an older gentleman seeking the companionship of a more youthful one who can keep up with you physically and conversationally. You are intelligent and accomplished. You are kind and respectful. You are passionate and curious. And we complement one another.
Sensual Bodywork, Escorting, and Sex Coaching




Simply specified: We’re going to make something happen.

I’m based in Manhattan, and travel from time to time to Chicago’s Gold Coast. You can also fly me out to wherever you are for an extended escort service – domestically or internationally.  

Please contact me directly by email or +1 (312) 970-9850 with any questions or suggestions.


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For a prompter response, please call or text/SMS me at +1 (312) 970-9850

If you email me, please be patient, as I focus exclusively on clients when I am with them and can only return emails once or twice per day.